Professional Skills Development Courses

We are pleased to be a Vado partner offering these action oriented video-based training courses for employee and management professional development.

Vado provides web-based actions to improve individual performance, employee engagement, overall retention, and organization results. Each action contains: detailed steps and instructions, video, in-depth purpose and overview, defined action speed, optional Microsoft Word forms, and a self-evaluation.

Vado provides video streaming learning content to improve individual performance, employee engagement, overall retention and organization results. Each course contains:

  • A short instructional video (videos are 1 -2 minutes long)
  • Step by step Implementation Guide
  • Downloadable Job Aid
  • Self Assessment

We're Offering These eLearning Toolkits for Your Employee Development

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Interviewing Skills - totalViewTM Behavior Based Interviewing
Vado partnered with the OMNIview team to create bite sized e-learning courses that build the skills needed to successfully interview for fit and get a totalView™ of the candidate. With six courses, covering six topic areas, interviewers and hiring managers now have the tools they need to be successful interviewers.

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Remote Leadership
While the principles of effective leadership and team management haven’t changed, maintaining peak performance and keeping employees engaged when separated by miles, time zones and culture is a tall task for any manager or organization. These courses provide the skills managers need to lead remote employees.

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Sales Skills - Predictable Revenue for Leaders
Vado partnered with the authors of the best-selling book, Predictable Revenue to create bite sized, e-learning courses that build the skills needed to Triple Qualified Leads, Close More Deals, Save Time and Money, and to Build a World Class Sales Team.

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Supervisory Skills - Bud to Boss Tookit
20 e-Learning Courses to Ease the Transition to managing others.

Moving into a position of authority brings new challenges and new responsibilities-some of which might be uncomfortable. And as a first-time supervisor, it's common to feel overwhelmed, anxious and stressed out about transitioning from co-worker to boss.

Designed specifically to address the needs of anyone who is new to supervising and managing others, Bud to Boss will provide the foundation you need to take on your new position and move forward in your career.

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Writing Skills - Writing to Get Things Done Toolkit
In partnership with the BERRY Writing Group, the experts on business writing, Vado is pleased to present the Writing to Get Things Done Toolkit. The Writing to Get Things Done (WGTD) Toolkit combines the business writing expertise from the BERRY Writing Group with the instructional design of Vado's courses.

Writing to Get Things Done Toolkit will improve productivity by teaching how to use writing as a powerful tool for getting things done. Students will improve their on-the-job writing skills - writing clear, easy-to-read emails, letters, memorandums, meeting minutes, procedures, trip reports, and technical reports.

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Key Course Benefits

Short bite sized learning content
Some call it granular, others call it chunked. They mean the same thing  - learners want short learning courses. Study after study shows that taking in information in small bite sized chunks leads to increased learner retention. The market has been recognizing this trend of shorter and shorter learning courses, and providers have shortened e-learning courses from 4 hours to 1 hour to 30 minutes. Our learning content takes this trend to the next step to meet the demands of learners.

Development happens on the job
Research shows that 70 - 80% of learning happens on the job. Our learning courses leverage the natural way people learn. The combination of short instructional videos followed by downloadable step by step on-the-job Implementation Guides helps the learner put into practice the instruction they just completed. Since development happens on the job and Vado's courses come with a step by step Implementation Guide, organizational leaders have confidence that the transition from learning to implementation on-the-job will happen.

Self paced, learner focused
Because our content is delivered in bite sized modules, learners have "just the right amount of information" when they want it. Additionally, learners have choices. First, they can choose what to develop and then can choose from 5 courses for each development area.

Optimized for the mobile learner
Mobile means two things: technology and the learner experience. Our learning content is optimized for both meanings. From a technology standpoint, our content is viewable from all hand held devices. From a learner experience perspective, small bite sized videos fit the mobile learners' requirement of not having to watch long videos on their hand held device.

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