iSpring Suite 8.3

E-Learning Authoring Supercharger

You need fast and reliable authoring tool chosen by professionals from all over the world.
Only $697.00 per license plus volume discounts. Additional discounts for academic and non-profit organizations.

iSpring Suite 8.3 is a new extended toolkit that produces quality e-Learning courses and video lectures right in the PowerPoint. Built-in QuizMaker allows you easily enhance your course with captivating HTML5-based quizzes and surveys. With iSpring creating questions becomes as easy as filling out a form. It's also possible to accompany quiz question with image, audio and video, set specific feedback based on user's result, apply penalty for incorrect answers, set custom points, control testing time and number of attempts. The spell check will simplify quiz-creator’s work significantly.

Inserting characters into the course gives your content a personal touch. With iSpring Suite 8.3 you can easily put words in a character’s mouth. You will be able to pick the perfect personage from a wide range of actors making various gestures.

Create a spectacular content by using iSpring Suite 8.3 ’s rich media interactions. All of them – Book, Timeline, Directory and FAQ – will work perfectly on a variety of devices, ranging from desktops and laptops to iPads, iPhones, Windows and Android devices.

Key iSpring Suite 8.3 Features:

  • Perfect PowerPoint support: preserve all PowerPoint effects
  • Flash /HTML5 support
  • Create E-Learning Interactions
  • Add the vitality to learning materials with various characters
  • Create New Characters with Character Wizard
  • Record Screencasts and Teach Through Video
  • Advanced Presentation Player
  • Adaptive Player that instantly adapts to screen size and orientation of any device.
  • Create Video Lectures
  • Build Interactive Assessments
  • Fully Customizable Question Design
  • Spell check for quizzes
  • Improved Narration Editor

iSpring Presenter 8.3

Video Presentation Software for PowerPoint

You need a robust and easy-to-use authoring tool with built-in quiz maker.
Only $497.00 per license plus volume discounts. Additional discounts for academic and non-profit organizations.

iSpring Presenter 8.3 is a highly engineered software that enables users to create engaging mobile-readyiSpring Presenter 8.3
courses with quizzes in no time. Installed as PowerPoint add-in, our new tool accurately preserves all PowerPoint advanced features making e-Learning process even easier and faster.

iSpring Presenter 8.3 helps users integrate tests into their courses, or publish them as standalone assessments. Create interactive quizzes and enhance comprehension with: audio and video, branching scenarios, customizable design of the slide and so on.

When it comes to delivery, iSpring Presenter 8.3 quickly integrates with the e-Learning environment thanks to the seamless support of SCORM and AICC standards. 

Key iSpring Presenter 8.3 Features:

  • Create HTML5 and Flash courses that play on desktop computers and mobile devices
  • Build engaging Flash and HTML5 quizzes and surveys
  • Rapidly develop video lectures and courses with synced video
  • Wrap your courses into a player which instantly adapts to any screen size and orientation
  • Enhance quizzes with audio, video, equations and drag-and-drop questions
  • Import questions from an Excel spreadsheet
  • Set up branching per answer and custom feedback messages
  • Design custom quiz look and feel with the flexible WYSIWYG slide view tool

iSpring Converter Pro 8.3

You are a Marketing Specialist or Communication Manager

You need best-in-class tool to create rich media promo content with no programming required.
Only $297.00 per license plus volume discounts. Additional discounts for academic and non-profit organizations.

iSpring Converter Pro 8.3 is a powerful PowerPoint-based tool for creating professional mobile-ready iSpring Pro7presentations. iSpring Converter Pro 8.3 turns PowerPoint projects into web-ready presentations to be viewed on all devices: mobile, desktop or iPads. With iSpring Converter Pro 8.3 users can easily enrich their presentations with voice overs and presenter video using an advanced and convenient narration editor.

Installed as a PowerPoint add-in, iSpring Converter Pro 8.3 accurately converts all PowerPoint animation and transition effects, triggers and hyperlinks.

Key iSpring Converter Pro 8.3 Features:

  • Creates online presentations with synced video, audio, Flash movies or YouTube videos
  • Accurately converts PowerPoint animations, effects and media content
  • Build effective branching scenarios C
  • Add references and attachments
  • Design custom player look to reflect company brand: use logos, corporate colors, company info
  • Set up advanced protection features: watermark, password, domain and time restriction
  • Allows multiple publishing destinations: Web, CD
  • Section 508 support