Evolve Learning Manager

Manage and Deliver All Organization Training!

Online Courses

Two Options for Training Delivery with the Evolve LMS!

We offer two options for training setup to meet our customers’ training requirements.
Smaller organizations that simply need a user-friendly LMS to deliver online training courses licensed from Evolve will use our standard training portal for quick and easy setup. This option provides complete training tracking and reporting functionality for quick and easy training setup in as little as a day.

The branded portal option is for customers who want more control of training administration, require enhanced reporting options, need the option to create and deliver their own training content, content from 3rd party content providers, or even assign policies and procedures to their staff select the branded LMS training portal. This option delivers all the functionality of an enterprise level LMS without the high cost and is setup to reflect each customer's own branding requirements.

Powerful and Flexible Reporting

Getting the information you need to manage your training programs is essential. The reporting tools in the Evolve LMS provide that and more. Taking full advantage of the information collected by your LMS requires you to transform raw data into actionable analysis and meaningful business measurements.

User Friendly Graphical Interface

The Evolve learning management system provides an intuitive graphical interface for all users. Menu functions are always just a click away to access desired functionality for Students, Administrators, Instructors and Managers.

Automated Rules-Based Course Assignment

Dynamically setup course assignments, course groups, or curricula by department, location or any of the 20 user defined fields you designate to automatically assign training to learners when they are added to the LMS or change assignment criteria.

Advanced Email Functionality

Use the system's advanced email functionality to automatically send emails from the LMS to students for new users, course enrollment emails, course reminder emails, course status change emails and more.

Flexibly Modular Design

The system is based on the Microsoft .NET framework with modular controls and design which enables organizations to add and modify with easy-to-use system tools. The modular design of the LMS allows customers to add, delete or even change the display of all LMS modules.

Certificates of Completion

Certificates of completion automatically display for learners when courses are completed and passed. In addition separate certificates of completion are generated when learners complete assigned curricula. The certificates are also available to managers and administrator in the reporting module.

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