Powerful and Flexible Reporting

Create standard and customized reports for all training activity.

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Powerful and Flexible Reporting

Getting the information you need to manage your training programs is essential. The reporting tools in the Evolve LMS provide that and more. Taking full advantage of the information collected by your Learning Management System requires you to transform raw data into actionable analysis and meaningful business measurements. On an enterprise level this requires a scalable, reliable Web-based solution for reporting, analyzing and delivering information to stakeholders, decision makers and line managers throughout your organization.

Advanced Reporting

This powerful reporting tool gives instant access to critical learning data by using a simple interface for advance filtering and sorting of training data. Administrators can use this tool to create their own custom reports or use the simple wizard to select data to display, sort, filter export and email. The reports can be saved and exported to multiple file formats including Excel, .csv, .pdf, html and more for further analysis and review.

Field Chooser Viewing Options

Administrators can show the customization window to display additional fields to include in any report by simply clicking and dragging a selected field from the Field Chooser window to the report grid column header. Administrators can resize report columns, re-arrange report columns and even group reports by any field.

Advanced Data Filtering and Sorting

Administrators can apply standard filters and advanced rules-based filter to access any information in the LMS database.  Filters include departments, courses, course status, dates and any user-defined field. Plus administrators can further filter using expressions defined in the on screen reports.

Schedule Reports to Email

Administrators can schedule saved reports to be emailed to designated recipients on a weekly or monthly frequency in the file format selected.

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